New Log Home Maintenance

Many people today are turning toward building a log home for many different reasons, whether it is for the comfort, beauty or just the environment (green). Log home owners know that there is maintenance to a log home, however most think there is much more maintenance then there actually could be. If you are looking at building your dream log home here are some things you should look at to help keep your maintenance much lower BEFORE you build.

The Building Lot
If you own your land or are looking at possibly buying a piece, talk to a log home company that you feel comfortable with to help you decide how you want your home to set on your land. This can mean a lot in the maintenance! Naturally if you build in an open field where the house will receive a lot of direct sunlight this will play a part in having more to maintain on a more frequent basis. So pick where you want your house to set before anything else.

The Log Home Design
The design of your log home also plays a very important part of the maintenance of the log home. Covered porches, generous overhangs and many other parts can help play a part in the life of your log home.

Landscaping & Water Drainage
Before you start your landscaping, a very important step is to make sure that all water can drain away from your home properly. Standing water around your home will cause mildew more rapidly, even log rot if it's not controlled. Even the best stains on the market today can not hold up to constant moisture. When you prepare to start your landscaping, make sure the plants you put close to the house are small growing or climbing plants. Any trees or large growing plants need to be kept a good distance away from the house. These plants will hold moisture to the house and create mildew, as well as the larger plants against the house will bring bugs.

Stains and Sealants
It has been my experience that when a customer builds their Dream Home, the staining and sealing aspect is the part they try to short cut the most. Don't make this mistake! In the long run it costs more than it would to do it properly the first time. There are many different brands on the market today for you to use. First make sure the stains you are researching are specifically for log homes, there is a difference! There are your high end stains and your low end stains. Whether you do it your self or hire some one, don't skimp on the product you use. Remember you're not only doing this for the beauty of your home but also to protect your investment.

Routine Maintenance
After you have successfully done all the items above and are enjoying your dream home, the next step would be to do routine maintenance of your home. This may only consist of visually inspecting your home to begin with. I recommend doing an inspection twice a year, once in the spring after you have come out of a possibly cold hard winter and the second inspection in the fall after you have just come out of the harsh heat of the summer. Many but not all people are moving toward restoration companies to take care of their maintenance. This is also very valuable because most all of them keep records of your home and what has been done to it in the past. Most log home manufacturers have warranties on their log kits; however you must maintain your home and prove it, in order for the warranty to be affective.

Dennis Turpin
Owner of TPC Restoration - A full service log home restoration company located in Blue Ridge VA.