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Our Lindal Cedar home was severely damaged by wind driven, golf ball size hail. We went to our local home center seeking recommendations. They suggested several contractors. Dennis Turpin at TPC Restoration was one of their top picks. TPC specialized in restoration of wood structures along with refinishing. Our vertical cedar siding was porous, so the hail not only dimpled the wood but left a multitude of light colored round spots!

Dennis met with us, surveyed the damage, and discussed possible remedies from total replacement of the siding, to sanding the whole structure, to chemically stripping the structure. He explained the benefits and drawbacks of each option along with products that would be used. Since our loss involved an insurance claim, Dennis offered to meet with us and the claim adjustor to explain the restoration options and the work content involved. By having the three way discussion, we were able to decide on a course of action that was agreeable to all.

Dennis restored a sample section of the siding by applying an environmentally friendly chemical stripper, that was removed with a high temperature, high pressure washer. That process proved very successful, leaving a uniform, fresh surface that still had the beautiful grain. At that point Dennis provided us an estimate for when the work would begin. Even though he already had several other jobs scheduled, Dennis was accurate with our date.

Dennis and the TPC crew were reliable, timely, hard working and dedicated to satisfying us with a quality job. They always kept us informed of what they were going to do and when it would be done. After chemically stripping the whole structure, they detail sanded any remaining spots that were still in need of additional cleanup and caulked any open joints. After a coat of cedar stain and a coat of transparent satin sealer, the house looked amazing!

It was a pleasure dealing with Dennis and his crew. It is gratifying to have someone who is reliable do a great job when faced with a stressful situation like we encountered. We highly recommend TPC Restoration!

Marion & Bob