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"We could not have picked a better work crew to clean and restain our log home than Dennis Turpin and his TPC Restoration team. We recommend them highly. Although we are careful people, we had been burned by a previous contractor who abandoned our project midway and whose mistakes meant doing the work all over and added complications. As a result, we were extra-cautious and got quotes from nine different contractors to finish the job. One of those was Dennis and TPC Restoration -- and it was our good fortune to choose them. In Dennis, we found a contractor who made our worries go away.

He stood out from the start because of his knowledge and expertise in addressing the challenges, his great customer-service attitude, and the fact that he drove four hours round-trip to bid on our job. In fact, only half the contractors were willing to personally visit our remotely located log home (choosing instead to estimate from photos and descriptions), and Dennis drove the farthest. We were soon to discover that Dennis Turpin went the extra mile in many other ways.

Dennis impressed us with the kind of customer-service attitude that every homeowner longs for when they hire someone to work on their home. He was always on time, on point, courteous and responsive. Being owners of a small business, we saw in Dennis the kind of great customer service we strive for ourselves. Mindful of our previous bad experience, Dennis provided detailed and accurate estimates, bent over backwards to build trust, kept us informed every step of the way, suggested ways to economize even if it meant less work for him and his crew, and even charged at the low end of his estimated range for extra work that we commissioned.

Anyone who has hired someone to work on their homes knows the disappointment of workers who don't show up, aren't punctual, cut corners and slack off. Dennis and his crew were exactly the opposite of that. For three weeks, they drove two hours each way to work on our house, and we could set a clock by their arrival time in the morning. Not only that, but the crew demonstrated a model work ethic. They put up their ladders, got right to work, didn't waste time and gave us our money's worth. Every day, it was clear that Dennis set those standards and expectations for his crew. The crew also made valuable design suggestions for improving the impact of our home when it came to deciding where to apply a second color.

We are thrilled with our 14-year-old log home that looks like new. Dennis and TPC Restoration delivered excellent quality at a fair price, exemplary customer service and on-time completion. At parties we went to while our job was under way, I even raved to friends about how we'd found the perfect home-improvement crew every homeowner wished for. We were so thrilled with the results, we even toasted Dennis and his crew with cake and champagne when they finished the job!"

Elizabeth Franklin and Dennis Holder