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"Owning and residing in a log cabin in a beautiful and private setting provides a fantastic lifestyle many people just dream of. However, a log cabin has to be properly cared for and maintained or the value of the cabin will be drastically reduced and what should have been maintenance costs then become major repair costs.

Noting that our exterior and extensive deck area were due for cleaning and re-coating we investigated the possibility of taking on this job ourselves and soon realized that it involved way more than we originally thought. So, we started taking bids for this project and found that most of the companies we interviewed did not have the specialized expertise needed for this project. Even companies which supposedly handled projects such as cabin exterior refinishing missed specific details which Dennis Turpin of TPC Restoration pointed out to us.

After examining a number of references on previous TPC Restoration projects we decided to award the contract to them. The work was done in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price using the best products available, and the finished product was better than anticipated. The cabin and deck areas look like new, not just simply recoated. The details that Dennis explained to us made a significant difference in the final product.

In addition it should be noted that Dennis and his crew hustled from the time they showed up at the job site until they left at the end of each day. There was never any trash, scraps or litter left on the job site which is a different experience for us from other projects with different companies. The work ethic exhibited by each employee, even when Dennis was not on the job site really impressed us. It is rare to see such a work ethic in this day and age."

Personal note from Jim:
"Having an aerospace engineering and mechanical engineering background along with a legal background and a 33 year career at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office as a Primary Patent Examiner where I never lost a single appealed case, the third level of decision above mine being the U.S. Supreme Court. I feel qualified to make a recommendation of TPC Restoration for any projects involving cabin exterior and/or deck restoration and maintenance."

Jim & Ruth Coan