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"My wife and I went to the Lynchburg Log Home show. We wanted to find out how to properly maintain our log home and replace some bad wood. We thought we were looking for ideas and sources for material. What we found was Dennis! After talking to him for a good while on the show floor, then looking over his website, we asked him to come to our home and discuss with us options for repairing and maintaining the home. Dennis looked over the home, found some issues I was not even aware of, and walked us through what had to get done and how he would accomplish it. He was very patient at answering our questions and then he provided a very fair estimate. We liked Dennis and his approach so we asked him to schedule a time as soon as possible to start work.

The good news is that we were the second house on Dennis' list for spring, the bad news is that mother nature did not cooperate. Cold temperatures and rainy days delayed the start several weeks - but that demonstrates how committed Dennis is to doing it right. He could have rushed the first house working in cold and damp weather but not Dennis - no shortcuts that could negatively impact the quality of work. The time came to get started on our home and he arrived (he is very punctual!) with his team to clean the house. A very gentle detergent spray followed by a very gentle power wash spray down. The dirt and grime came right off. The next day he came with his team of carpenters who expertly replaced the bad wood while the paint crew started staining. In two more days and the house was stained and all the decks (a lot of them) were done. A very efficient, professional team that delivered exceptional results.

We could not be happier! I am looking forward to setting up a maintenance contract with Dennis so I do not have to worry about maintaining the house. I can turn it over to him. I no longer have to worry about finding the time to take on this work myself - and Dennis' team does it better. We highly recommend TPC Restoration for anyone that wants their log home to receive the best of care!"

Allan Adell