Never have to work on your log or cedar home again!

How can you do this? TPC Restoration has been in the log and cedar home restoration business for over sixteen years. We take the work out of your home by offering you a maintenance contract / program. When you hire us to work on your home, we start a record of your home of everything that we find, and what work we do to your home. This is done for both our benefit and yours.

Why should you have a maintenance program?

  1. Maintenance on your home should be done on a regular basis to protect your investment.
  2. The information we collect and keep of your log home helps whenever future work needs to be done, plus we give you a record for your personal use.
  3. When you decide to sell your home, if it has not been maintained properly, one of the two things will happen when you have a potential buyer. Either they will want the work done before they buy your home or they will want you to lower the price of your home to cover the cost of having the home restored.
  4. When you decide to sell your home and have maintained your home, the first impression will mean everything to the buyer, plus you will have a record to show that you have maintained your home.
  5. It is also important to maintain your home when it comes to lenders. If your home has any significant damage or insect infestations, a lender will often require these problems to be fixed before they will finance the home to a buyer.
  6. We work only in the state of Virginia. That way we take care of all our customers and build a relationship with them.